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How to Insulate Your Smoker

How to Insulate Your Smoker? Must Know to Use Your Smoker in Winter

How does one insulate a smoker? We get this question a lot from upcoming BBQ enthusiasts. We’ll have you know that there’s no one set method of performing this exercise. There are different smoker insulation methods you can pick from which will be discussed in this article. Pick the method that appeals to you.

But is insulating a smoker necessary?

Yes, it is. Heat and smoke tend to escape when using smokers that aren’t insulated. And these are the two important elements needed for smoking meat to perfection! Insulating your smoker retains heat, preserves your fuel, and keeps the heat and smoke focused on your meat.



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Let’s get right into it.

How to Insulate Your Smoker

How to Insulate a Vertical Smoker

The idea behind this science is simple; you want to cover or line your smoker with an insulating material designed to prevent heat from escaping. The method you use to insulate your smoker depends on the type of insulating cover you pick. I’ll list the three most popular options.

Insulation Jacket

Insulating jackets are a popular option used to insulate vertical smokers. These insulating jackets feature an aluminium foil insulation. As you know, aluminium is among the most effective insulating materials. This is because aluminium reflects heats and contains thermal radiation.

Another reason behind their popularity is because insulation jackets are accessible given that most smoker manufacturers design them, If you happen to purchase an aluminium jacket for your exact vertical smoker, you’re guaranteed a perfect fit for effective results. But whatever you do, the jacket shouldn’t cover the firebox or it’ll burn.

Insulation Blanket

Another method is to insulate your grill using an insulation blanket. The key difference between an insulated smoker blanket and jacket is the positioning of the aluminium layer. While the aluminium material is found on a jacket’s outer layer, in an insulation blanket it’s inside. In other words, it’s found under the blanket’s outer fabric layer.

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Does this make the insulating process more effective? No, the insulation process is the same. The main advantage of picking a blanket over a jacket is that you don’t need to concern yourself with finding the perfect fit for your smoker. Wrap the blanket around your smoker as many times as necessary for a secure fit and avoid wrapping it around your unit’s firebox or it’ll get burnt.

Welding Blanket

You can use a welding blanket to insulate your grill. Welding blankets are designed to protect welders from sparks or heat generated during the welding process. If you happen to have a welding blanket among your construction supplies in the garage, there’s no need to fork out more money to purchase an insulating jacket. Your welding blanket will work.

Like the insulating blanket, you don’t have to worry about fit. You can wrap it around your smoker a couple of times. And of course, steer clear from the firebox.

How to Insulate Your Smoker


How to Insulate a Smoker Firebox

If you can’t insulate the firebox with a jacket or blanket, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it. There’s a special kind of insulating material you can use for insulating your firebox-a cement board. The process of using a cement board will require a special kind of technique as we’ll explain:

  • Firstly you want to make sure that there’s no fuel burning in the firebox before you line it with a cement board
  • Next, you measure the inside walls of the firebox using a tape measure
  • Mark the cement board using the measurements you get
  • Place it flat on a work table
  • Cut out the piece of the cement board that you marked using a knife
  • Repeat the same process for the other sides of the firebox
  • Fit in the pieces of cement boxes inside the firebox and you’re done!

How Do I Keep the Heat Up In My Smoker?

Keeping the heat up in your smoker boils down to temperature control. There are several methods you can implement to keep the cooking temperature in smokers up as I’ll detail:

  • If the cooking temperature happens to drop, consider opening up your smoker’s vents. This allows more oxygen to enter the smoker thereby increasing the temperature.
  • Avoid lifting the lid every five minutes. This will just interfere with cooking temperature by causing it to drop. When you do close the lid, your cooker has to burn more fuel to return to the original cooking temperature. Rather keep the lid shut.
  • While you’re at it, you might also want to avoid opening the lid to your smoker when it’s raining. If raindrops find their way into the smoker, the temperature will drop. Rather ask someone to hold up an umbrella for you if you have to check what’s happening in your smoker.

How to Insulate Your Smoker

Can You Use a Smoker in the Winter?

It’s no secret weather conditions can affect your grilling process with regards to the overall timeframe and fuel consumption. Grilling meats on a warm sunny day is faster since the outdoor temperatures are high. Plus you don’t have to use much fuel.

The dynamics play out a little differently if you’re grilling on a cold day. Smokers tend to use up more heat in winter than in summer because it’s cold and the air temp drops.

So to answer your question, yes, you can use a smoker in winter. You need to take a few extra precautions to ensure that the entire process goes faster so you don’t keep your guests waiting. You’ll have to pay extra attention to the cooking temperature when grilling in winter. Ensure the following:

  • Again, you might want to avoid opening up the smoker’s lid now and again. As mentioned earlier, this will only further increase your cooking time.
  • To make things easier for you, opt for a smoker that comes with a remote digital thermometer device. Such thermometers allow you to keep an eye on the cooking temperature from anywhere without necessarily opening the lid.
  • Stock up on fuel. Because you’ll be using up more fuel when grilling in winter, the last thing you need is to run out of fuel in the middle of the process. Simply decide on the type of fuel you want to use. Do you have charcoal, gas, or electric smokers? Remember that charcoal takes more time to preheat so that might lengthen the cooking process.
  • Location is important. Be sure to position your smoker in a manner that allows the wind to flow in the same direction as the smoker’s natural airflow. This not only prevents possible cooking temperature hikes but also helps you preserve fuel. Where possible, place your smoker in a sheltered space to minimize the effect of wind or rain. Just avoid an area that’s entirely enclosed. If possible, you can even go ahead and build a windbreak to keep the wind away from your smoker

How to Insulate Your Smoker

Can You Smoke Brisket in Cold Weather?

On the subject of smoking in winter, it pays to know what food you can smoke under such conditions and which foods to avoid. With that said, we get a lot of questions asking whether it’s possible to smoke brisket in cold weather.

The good news is, yes! You need to ensure the following:

  • Use a smoker that’s insulated. This is an example of a situation where using an insulated grill is non-negotiable because you need all the heat the smoker can generate.
  • Pick the right smoker like the Weber Smokey mountain grill. Brisket requires low and slow cooking temperatures. Smokey Mountain products are specifically designed to cook under these conditions. Rather use a sturdy smoker with a thick body. Smokers with thin bodies aren’t as effective under such conditions. Not only do they take time to heat up, but they generally lose heat quickly too.
  • Be sure that you stock up on plenty of fuel because you’ll need a lot of it if you expect to complete the grilling process.


Insulating your smoker is the best decision you can make for yourself. An insulating smoker can retain heat for longer. No smoke escapes so your food’s flavor is greatly enhanced. An insulated grill ensures even temperature distribution so your food is cooked to perfection thanks to the heat consistency. You don’t have to worry about feeding your guests undercooked food. Everyone is happy.

Also, by insulating your smoker, you can cook your food in almost any weather–even winter. Don’t let the weather stop you from hosting that intimate barbecue with your friends. Just make sure you pick a grill with the right size cooking chamber depending on how many people you’re cooking for. Is it for two or more people?

With that said, why not follow my tips regarding smoker insulation and enjoy grilling anytime, any day!

How to Insulate Your Smoker? Must Know to Use Your Smoker in Winter